Body Temperature Monitoring Camera (TMAC)

Our elegant, fast and easy to use thermal cameras are a clear demonstration of your commitment to the safety of your employees and customers.

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Automatic and Contactless Body Temperature Cameras


Our body temperature cameras are a quick and efficient temperature monitoring solution.


These thermal cameras can simplify your current safety processes. They are automatic and contactless and do not require assistance to operate. As a result of this, they have become a popular alternative to temperature guns and are a cost-effective and time-saving solution for any business.



Firstly, our body temperature scanners demonstrate your business’s commitment to the safety of your employees/customers/residents/visitors. As a result, this can offer reassurance – helping encourage business and coming back to work post-lockdown.


They can be on a floor or desk stand, and have a professional/sleek appearance. Thus, making them suitable for a range of working environments.


Temperature monitoring itself can limit the risk of infection as fevers are a common symptom of an illness/disease.


Furthermore, our cameras go above and beyond and have additional features. Mask detection, facial recognition and door access. All of these can help with enforcing regulations. Click below to see why people thoroughly recommend our camera at the Battersea Open Air Cinema.

Mask detection


Face mask detection can help your workplace enforce regulations. Our cameras can take mundane tasks out of your staff hands, notifying entrants to put a mask on. In addition, our systems can integrate with door access. So, an individual will be denied access to a building if a mask is not detected on our camera. Making your lives easier. Watch the video to see our mask detection system in action.

How does it work?


A body temperature of 37.8 degrees and above is a fever. If detected, our systems will signal a visual and audio warning. In addition, a notification will be sent to the administrator. All data will be stored on our secure, protected web portal. On this, you can access the temperature results and entrant’s records. Because our temperature monitoring systems have facial recognition built-in as standard, it is possible to link it to your entrance systems or track and trace system. Watch the video to see how our systems deal with high temperatures.

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