Temperature Monitoring Access Systems

At Thermal Camera Solutions, we specialise in easy-to-use, efficient and innovative solutions. That’s why our temperature monitoring cameras go above and beyond standard temperature testing. In addition to automatic body temperature scanning, they also have access control features. Meaning, they can deny and permit entry to an individual.

How can access control cameras benefit your company?

In short, our cameras demonstrate your commitment to the safety of your workplace. Automatic temperature monitoring by itself can protect your workplace from infection as well as offer reassurance.


By integrating with access control, our systems will only permit access based on two factors: the temperature result and/or wearing of a face mask. As a result of implementing access control, our cameras can also help with the following:


  • Make temperature testing safer
  • Enforce regulations (face-coverings/mask)
  • Speed up entrance admissions
  • Reduce pressure on entrance staff/reception
  • Save time & money
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    Mask Detection

    The first condition which can affect access is mask detection. Our temperature monitoring cameras come equipped with facial recognition that can detect if a face covering is being worn. By integrating with access control, entry can be refused to those without a mask. This can be very beneficial as your company can put further precautions in place to enforce regulations. Access control can speed up entrance admissions and reduce pressure on reception/entrance staff. Subsequently, saving you time and money.

    Body Temperature Result

    The second condition which can affect access control is an individual’s temperature result. Depending on the result, our systems can permit or deny access to a building. They will identify a temperature higher than 37.8 degrees as a fever. If this happens, the procedure will be as follows. Firstly, our cameras will alert the high temperature via audio, on-screen and message. Access to the building will be refused and the results will be sent across to a secure, online portal. As a result, you’ll be able to effectively put track and trace procedures into place.

    Previous projects
    temperature testing machine, scan body temperature, detection of a fever, high temperature or normal body temperature

    The Carey Group are a leading engineering and construction group.


    They approached Thermal Camera Solutions asking for assistance in keeping their staff safe. We were happy to help out.


    The project was a great success. In conclusion, their staff felt reassured by the temperature monitoring. And above all, they have reduced their risks of a COVID outbreak significantly.

    case study of temperature testing machine, scan body temperature, detection of a fever, high temperature or normal body temperature

    The open-air cinema at Battersea Power Station is one of London’s well-known summer experiences. When the organisers approached Solutions, it was of utmost importance that their moviegoers felt safe going to the outdoor cinema.


    Thermal Camera Solutions recognized these goals – we were determined we could help. In conclusion, our temperature monitoring camera worked wonders for them. They gained more control over who they were letting in, creating a safer workplace. And as well as this, they found their customers were reassured and enjoyed the experience. As a result, everyone felt much safer.


    • Get back to work sooner.
    • Automate mundane tasks that security or staff at your work must do.
    • Reassure your employees/visitors/residents that they are being looked out for
    • Make your workplace COVID-SAFE.
    • Flexible purchase options, available to rent or buy.
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